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Will The Internet Be Taken Away?

There are a few things happening on the ‘net that you need to be aware of…and it concerns an Internet I think we’ve taken for granted.

It looks like some less-than ethical websites were just taken down by Homeland Security recently.  Unbelievable, no trial, no evidence, no indictment, no verdict…just taken down and left with a notice.

Network neutrality is being debated currently as well.  This is important as to who and at what price we get internet access (in a nutshell, the site linked to explains further).

So what right does the government have to intervene here?  Are there just a bunch of psychos running this country who can’t handle the fact we have a free and running Internet to communicate with and publish our thoughts?

Whatever happened to free speech? In fact, I have very much the same 5 questions that are in this article for the government.

Folks, this isn’t a joke, while not much is happening right this second, the fact that the government (namely ICE and Homeland Security) have the mindset to push us around like this in a “free” country…means I need only ask one question…

If they can do this…what else are they thinking of doing?

I mean, sure, these particular sites discussed in these articles are not ethical by any means…but as Grandpa always used to say…

“Give ’em an inch, and they’ll take you a mile.”

So what then…?  Does the government get to decide what constitutes a “bad” site and what is a good one?



The News Is On, But I’m Not Watching It…

“You gotta know what’s going on man…”

Me:  Ummm, not unless I can do anything about it.

Wow, lots of negativity going on in the world eh?  Or is there?

Is there really lots of negative things going on?  Or does the media just point us and our attention to those negative things?

Think about that for a minute.

We live in a huge country, part of a huge world, so don’t you think there’s something negative going on every day?

Then why do you need to watch the news to be reminded of that?

Can you actually do anything about that tragedy over in China (unless you live there)?  Can you really stop the leak that BP caused which seems to be getting all the attention lately?

And an even bigger thought…

What if everyone focused only on the sphere of influence that they could have an impact on?

  • Write your legislators, repeatedly, about those laws you don’t believe in (yes, I mean actually do something about this stuff).
  • Write the President, repeatedly.
  • Form a group that attacks or protests these problems, or join one.
  • And on, and on, and on…but the point is, do something within your spere of control or influence.

And, quit watching the news.  It’s just too focused on what sells, negative information…which only leads to negative “drone-like” mindsets…which lead to boxing you in to a life that is very unsatisfying.

I know, I was there.

Folks, we’re only on this Earth for an average of 70 or so trips around the Sun…let’s make the most of it…not the least of it ok?

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