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The World Is Changing…Get Used To It

Baby Boomers that refuse to move themselves into the 21st century take heed…the world is changing, and fast.

I’m sure you know that already, and perhaps have even “flowed with the changes” to a certain degree but…

It’s bigger than that my elderly friends.  Much bigger.

Gone are the days where kids “put in a hard day’s work” any longer.  Any work required of them, they will simply make money using the Internet or by some other means, and pay to have it done.

No longer do we always have face-to-face conversations with each other, instead we’ll chat on Facebook, or via Twitter, our Smartphones, etc…

And you’d better just suck it up and like it…because it isn’t changing.

Does this sound arrogant?  Bull headed?  Naive?  Ignorant?  I’ll bet it does…and we’ll make our mistakes for sure because of that “attitude” that you might not like.  Big mistakes in fact.

Guess what, we’ll move past it, and quick.

This might seem unconventional and such, to you, but if you want to communicate with the “gen-whatevers”, you’d better adapt…and quick.

Life moves way too fast now, so we can’t slow down to show you how to use the Internet unless you take some responsibility and move yourself into the Digital Age the rest of the way.  Sound “snotty”?  It could be, but the truth hurts both ways, doesn’t it?

If you’ve already adapted, awesome, enjoy your last years as though tomorrow was your last day on this planet.  We’re going to.  We might be doing 45 things at once, but that’s ok, we want to.

Personally, I don’t want to lose the personal conversation and the skills sets that goes along with it…but I’m also not foolish enough to believe life will wait for me either.  I’m off to work in my “cubicle” (read: home office)…and enjoy the fact I can pretty much do what I want, where I want, with whom I want to.

Will you do the same?


Old School Versus New School

There’s no doubt, the Internet has opened up a world of opportunity for people.

But really, in the REALLY big picture, has most of the population been ready to take advantage of this change?

To me, no, for the most part people haven’t.  Especially those from the “old school” of thinking…

  • You go to school.
  • You go to college.
  • You go to work for a company for 50 years.
  • You collect a pension and enjoy retirement from 65-ish on.

Compare this, to the new way of thinking…

  • You go to school, but perhaps from home online.
  • You don’t necessarily go to college if you want to create a business using the Internet.  There is a new wave of people making much more than “median” income by creating simple businesses from home now.
  • Which means you don’t necessarily keep the same job for a long time (they really don’t care about you any how, never have, the Internet has made that apparent).
  • You enjoy “mini-retirements” along the way, why wait and “save it all up” for a retirement that most never save enough for to enjoy in the first place? (like 80-plus percent have to keep working just to maintain a basic standard of living)

So, are you “old school”, or “new school”?

These are just a FEW of that many points I will be covering in future posts.  Old school people had better listen up, or get left way behind (for real).

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