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A few thoughts today:

Why use your cell phone if your driving a motor vehicle? 

You know (it’s also been proven) that your senses are impaired if you do so…and you put other’s lives at risk if you do…so why do that at all?  Is your precious phone call more important than yours or other people’s lives?

Why assume the worst in other people?

“He / she must have done…”

“They probably hate us because…”

“Our house isn’t clean enough/decorated enough to…”

How do you know?  If you don’t have any evidence of the facts…why assume the worst?  Why not assume the best…and go to worst only when the situation really demands it (which you’ll find is actually pretty rare)?

Why not have your checkbook and all associated items fully prepared when you’re checking out in a line at the store?

Do you really not have respect for other people and the places and people they have to take care of?  Can’t you just be prepared?

If you’re in a store aisle, why stand there (in the way of people) chit-chatting?

How about being aware of your surroundings and getting the hell out of the way…other people have lives too.

Why not know where you’re driving before getting in the car?

Don’t drive 20mph in a 40mph zone looking for a street, pull over and assess your situation…then get back on the road.  Or, just know where you’re going.

Why do you troll online discussion forums under an anonymous name to spew hatred and bile at people?

Don’t you know there is a person on the other end of your hateful comment?  Why not use your real name, so people can actually find you and sort it out?  Do you actually think you’re making a valuable contribution by hurting people online?

Why send SPAM to countless people, when you know they are ignoring it for the most part?

I think we need to charge “postage” on email for this reason…and have real and verifiable names or company names used for sending email.

I think that about covers it for today. 🙂




Wow, Just Wow

Driving home tonight from a funeral I attended, I just couldn’t believe what I saw, and what happened…

The drive is 70 miles, and I saw 8 people driving while talking on cell phones or texting…4 people weaving in and out of lanes of traffic in a torrential downpour…and wannabe automatic safety signs telling me the speed limit in my lane was 40 mph with gridlocked traffic 80 feet in front of those signs.

Holy moly.  I must have taken a detour through hell maybe?

Oh yeah, and it took me 3 hours to drive those 70 miles…95% on the freeway.  What a system we have here. 🙂

I Guess The Lawmakers Aren’t Enough?

Recently, a WA State law was passed making texting or using your cell phone as a driver while driving illegal…and a primary offense.

Heck, it was a secondary offense before that.

Yet, even after the public had spoken in this way, there remains the idiots who are still doing it anyway, thinking somehow they are immune to the consequences (and not just the legal ones).


We cannot drive or pay attention to the road as effectively while texting or talking on a cell phone (it’s been proven repeatedly), so these individuals are making a conscious decision to put their life, but more importantly, everyone else’s lives at serious risk for their selfish reasons.  Are you kidding me?

Is that conversation or text chat so important that you cannot wait until you get out of the fucking car?  Nope, never, not in any case.  Not when human life is at stake.

It’s a shame we live in a society where people make conscious (unconscious?) decisions like this which can damage people’s life, property, or well being.

Sad.  Really sad.

Slow Down

Slowing down seems (keyword: seems) hard to do in today’s “instant” society with texts, cell phones, Droids, laptops, etc…etc…

But I call big, fat, piles of  bullshit on anyone who says they “can’t” slow down on a moment’s notice.

What do I mean by “slowing down”?

  • Enjoying each and every face to face conversation you have with another person, and then making time to have quite a few more.
  • Quit texting while driving.
  • No cell phones while driving.
  • If you’re within 1000 feet of the person you wish to speak with…then walk the rest of the way and talk to them face to face.
  • Have you just stopped for a minute and enjoyed the fact that all of this is here?
  • And on…and on…

But it seems hard to slow down with all this technology flying around, all those TV commercials about the next “Droid-thingy”, and all your other friends telling you about the next cool gadget they just bought…etc…etc… right?

Guess what?

All those things represent is stuff.  Big piles of stuff.

Will you be remembered for the stuff you acquired in life?  Will your legacy, the one you leave your kids and grandkids be filled with things?  What meaningful, life-changing conversations have you tried to have with the people who mattered most in your life?

Do you want to gather up a big pile of stuff, or be known for something meaningful?

Think about that today.

Nuff said…

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