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Self Accountability

It’s no secret that a big hot-button for me is self accountability.

I’m not perfect when it comes to this…but I’m quite versed on the subject as a sort-of “success guru” to many business owners, and have made huge improvements in this area for myself personally.

But, I’m tired of seeing news, media, and other forms of reporting that focuses on blaming other entities and people etc… for our own problems.

When are we going to take accountability for ourselves on a more global scale?

In the U.S. especially, you can see examples of the lack of accountability from our litigious society and how it behaves.

(spilling hot coffee on the lap from a drive through window anybody?)

I mean, come on people…let’s at least do one small action to get started on the path to better behavior here…

When something goes “wrong”, instead of looking at what caused it…let’s first look at how we can do something different within ourselves.  Most of the time you’ll find the problem lies within ourselves…and solving that problem can solve a bunch of future problems that would have been created if we looked for the cause of the problem elsewhere first.

This sounds easy, but really, it isn’t…or more people would do it (and more people should do it).

So take the path less-traveled, and look at yourself and how you can improve yourself first…and your life will begin to improve as a result.


The Stuff We May Not Want To Hear

It’s a nice thought to believe we live on top of this big, fluffy marshmallow called life.  It’s nice to believe the government is there to protect us, and guide our countries through any perils that may come along.  It’s nice to believe that there are trustworthy people in that government (and that U.S., corporations don’t have a measure of greed involved in their decisions).

It’s nice to believe all that.

Here’s the stuff we may NOT want to hear, but if we don’t act on as a country (U.S.) and world community, we might head in the wrong direction (all my opinion only, I’m not a lawyer, financial advisor or a health professional, seek professional guidance at your discretion)…

  • We need to quit listening to mainstream media so much. This antiquated system of relaying “spun” information has way too much influence in the U.S. and worldwide.  Plus, negative news is what increases ratings, so that should tell you what they focus on.
  • Vaccines are a band-aid, they are NOT the solution. Our medical community needs to work on eradicating viruses, not just providing a temporary solution that entitles the drug companies to profits year after year.

The real disturbing trend unfolding with vaccines is that for the most part “mass-vaccination” has been proven ineffective, yet we continue to use and rely on that ancient methodology.  We continue to hear reports of “superbugs”, yet we continue to rely on this “cure” for disease.  Folks, we need  a different answer, vaccines aren’t it…period.

  • Small business owners need to step up, not step out. The news keeps spewing venomous poison that the “recession” is in control, unemployment is at an all-time high, blah, blah, blah…

Folks, if you’re a business owner, you need to step it up…not cower in fear of this recession. Big companies are not flexible enough to adapt, they just put their proverbial tails between their legs and “ride it out”…but they have the resources to do so.

Small businesses don’t have these resources. So don’t act like a big business…act like a small business, and adapt…starting now.  Quit listening to the news, and instead focus on ways to improve your situation by using the Internet to market, improving your marketing, reaching a different target audience, creating another product etc…

This world economy is counting on you, the small business owner (that group also includes me, but my businesses have grown over 20% in comparable sales per year, almost every year I’ve operated, so I know it’s possible for you too).

  • Self-accountability needs to increase, and the stupid litigation needs to decrease by a LARGE margin. Man this is a hot button for me, I’m sick and tired of people blaming other circumstances and people for their own shortcomings.

From a cup of coffee that was hot (go figure) and winning a lawsuit because that coffee spilled in her lap, to blaming the economy for losses to your income instead of YOU going out and doing something about it…we have a BIG problem in society here.

Along with this lack of self-accountability comes the sense of “entitlement” that we are owed some form of lifestyle just for being here (especially here in the U.S., which makes me both ashamed and want to vomit in my mouth).  We are NOT owed any particular kind of lifestyle just because we are alive.

Get off government “feeding bottle” programs as fast as you can, get training, get a better job, hell…I’ll just say it…make a better life for yourself, don’t expect it to be handed to you (it never will be).

The gluttony and “pork-fat” in the society we live in is disgusting people, let’s work together and make it lean meat. 🙂

Joe out…

You ALWAYS Have A Choice…

It almost never fails…every night on the news, there’s at least one person blaming “life” or a set of circumstances, or even another person…for their failure.

We always have a choice…

…even when things happen to us (i.e. life circumstances), we have a choice as to how we react (thought I would get that one out of the way)…

…when the phone rings, believe it or not we have a choice as to whether we answer it or not…

…we can choose to take action and make our lives better, or simply “ride the government gravy train” as far as it won’t take you (think about that for a second)…

…you can choose to be more, do more, and add value to people’s lives, or choose to be one of the people who “needs help all the time”…

…you can choose to set the rules for yourself, or let others set the rules for you to play by…

Bottom line, there’s always a choice.

Yes, it might seem harder to choose a “different” path at first, because you’ve never traveled that path before (most don’t ever travel it)…but as you travel down the path to a better life, you’ll find that you don’t want to trade it for anything else.  Period.

So what are you going to choose to do differently right now?

Stuff And Clutter

A lot of people fall victim to “stuff and clutter”.

What do I mean?

Many people live empty, meaningless lives…which have to be filled with “stuff”.  The more “stuff” they have to show off, the merrier.

“Hey, look at what I just bought…”

“Doesn’t this thing I just put up in my house look cool?”

“I need more _______ , that’ll do the trick.”

“I’ve got so many projects going on right now, I can’t do _______.”

Stuff and clutter, stuff and clutter, stuff…and clutter.

It’s sad actually, that most people place more value on their “stuff”, than on their daily interactions with other people (i.e. they have to “text them really quick” because they are so busy).  They place more value on their past memories, than on going out and creating new memories.

More projects to do, more rooms in a house that seem like a nuclear bomb went off, all because they have to feel “busy” doing “stuff”…creating “clutter”.

It’s sad…really sad.

And before you think this doesn’t apply to you, think really hard first.  At one point or another, this applies to almost everyone.  What you do about it as a person to change the situation is what really matters.

Can you reach down deep and make the real changes necessary to be able to “stop and smell the roses” as Grandma used to say?  Can you?

For most people, the answer ends up being a resounding no. They end up being content with their meaningless lives full of stuff, and sans the personal interaction.

Are you most people?

You Have To CHOOSE To Make Your Life Better…It Won’t Be Done For You…

Come on people…really?

Do you really think you can get to a “good life” for yourself by letting any bigger “agencies”, circumstances, the lottery, or other environmental issues be in control?

Nope. It doesn’t work that way.  Never will, no matter how much you “hope” that will happen.  No one “owes” you anything for free, and no one is going to provide you a “break” in life until you’ve earned it…period.

The above-listed items are only there to provide a “minimum” standard of life, period, end of story.

If you want something more, you’ve got to create it.  You’ve got to work hard and make it happen…or it won’t happen…period. It’s on you to create the life you desire, and the results will reflect how well you are creating that life…period…no one else is to blame for the life you have, except you.  That’s the bottom line.

Oh and one more thing (and the inspiration for this post)…if you spend time on the Internet writing foul insults about successful people without conclusive and direct evidence to back up your claims…shame on you.  Just because you don’t enjoy a successful lifestyle, don’t rip down the life of someone else who is successful based on only opinion or conjecture.  There are scammers out there, no doubt, but they actually comprise of less than 5% of all business owners out there…so if you’re placing the permanent record on the Internet before proving it…please don’t.

There’s a good chance (a 95% chance) that the person you’re ripping has part of their life ruined by what you’re saying without just cause, also that record stays on the Internet forever, so please…at least do the decent thing and think about that before placing a permanent record online.

Instead, go create something, add value to someone else’s life, or start a business to deliver value to a community.  We look forward to your offering. 🙂  Oh yeah, your pocketbook will thank you too.

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