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Live More And You Can “Need” Less

Reprinted with permission from mnmlist.com:

The more I focus on living, the less it seems I need.

What does it mean to focus on living? It’s a shift from caring about possessions and status and goals and beautiful things … to caring about actual life. Life includes: taking long walks, creating things, having conversations with friends, snuggling with my wife, playing with my kids, eating simple food, going outside and getting active.

That’s living. Not shopping, or watching TV, or eating loads of greasy and sweet food not for sustenance but pleasure, or being on the Internet, or ordering things online, or trying to get popular. Those things aren’t living – they’re consumerist pastimes that tend to get us caught up in overconsumption and mindlessness.

When I focus on living, all those other fake needs become less important. Why do I need television when I can go outside and explore, or get active, or take a walk with a friend? Why do I need to shop when I already have everything I need – I can spend time with someone or create, and I need very little to do that.

These things I do now — they require almost nothing. I can live, and need little.

And needing little but getting lots of satisfaction … that’s immensely rewarding. It’s an economy of resources that I’ve never experienced before.

These days, I need nothing but my loved ones, a text editor, a way to post what I create, a good book, simple plant-based food, a few clothes for warmth, and the outdoors.


We Have To Learn How To Slow Down

“I can’t sit in one place for more than a little bit.”

“I’ve got to do this thing (whatever that thing is)”

“I’m way too busy today”


Since there is one person who decides how to use your time (that’s you)…all of the above is complete, steaming, B…frickin’….S.

Why can’t you sit in one place very long?  Why do you HAVE to do that thing (whatever that thing is)?  Why are you too busy today?

Only one reason, because of you.

You can choose to sit in one place and relax, as much as you want to.  You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to (that’s a hard one for most people). And the only reason you’re “too busy” today is you took on way too many commitments for today.

You are in control of all of it.  But only if you decide to be in control of it.

Most people don’t ever decide to be in control of it, or find it easier to just let other people control their lives.

Those people miss out on a LOT that life has to offer…period.

What are you going to do differently to slow your life down today?

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