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The 80/20 Rule And Life…

The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule):

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

From Wikipedia

Based on this logic, there are a number of lifestyle changes you could, and should be making or have made which would probably have a significant impact.

A few of many examples:

  • When you clean your house, should you spend all-day cleaning it?  Do people really care if you make it perfect?  Or, could you clean it “most of the way”, and actually enjoy life a little…knowing people probably won’t even notice the parts you didn’t clean?
  • Could you shift your focus towards only doing 20% of the projects you want to accomplish in a day/week/month if you focused on the most important ones?  This is of course with the understanding that by doing the most-important 20%…you will get 80% of the results of doing it.
  • What if you only picked the top 20% most-important of all of your “required” commitments, could you ditch (or say no) to the remaining 80% and live life the way you wanted to during that newly found time?
  • And on…and on…

There has to be a number of things that you can think of…

…where if you did the most-important 20% of those things…

…that got you 80% of the results given by doing those things…

You could forget doing the remaining 80% of those things altogether.

What I’ve revealed here is a big, deep, secret to my life that has allowed me to enjoy life at a pace and with a quality that cannot be matched.

I wish you the same quality of life (or better) for 2011.

Get to it.


The One Question You Can Ask That Can Change Your Life…

We’re conditioned from an early age to “just conform”, “just trust the government”, “just get a secure job”, and “just deal with it.”

I used to follow that path.  In fact, up until 2001, I was drinking ALL the “kool-aid” of the typical conditioned lifestyle.

Then I asked the most powerful question I think more people need to ask themselves (and other people), so a different perspective starts to take place.

The question is “Why?”.

Some examples…

  • “Why do I need to run across the house to answer the phone every time it rings?” (answering machine or voice mail anyone?)
  • “Why can’t I express my creative ideas?” (no one said you couldn’t, and if they did, they’re idiots)
  • “Why do I feel prisoner to a job I hate?” (that’s your choice, and your choice alone)
  • “Why am I relying on someone else (employer) to provide the lifestyle they dictate I’m limited to?” (again, your choice)
  • “Why can’t I just go out and have a better life?”
  • “Why do I let other people manage my time?”  (it is your time, isn’t it?)
  • And on…and on…

So start today, start asking why…challenge the status quo according to other people, stop and smell the roses…and live the life that is yours (and no one elses).

Because if you don’t live your life, other people will be happy to keep dictating how you live it.  That I promise.

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