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Is “Stuff” A Big Scam?

Are we really consumers?  Should we be?


At the core, are we really minimalists who’ve been duped?

I know, I know, sounds strange huh?

Well, after reading a blog post this morning, I started to think…is having all the “stuff” I have really a valuable thing?  Do I really need all this stuff?

I don’t really think I do need 1/2 the stuff I have…honestly haven’t touched it.  And no, I’m not a pack rat, I have the average amount of stuff most people seem to have.

So, with this in mind…is “having stuff” just a big scam designed to support shipping industries and retail stores?  Or, is there some sort of hidden value to this stuff I’m not thinking of…?

I’m going to think about this today (you too?).  Perhaps it’s time for a change.


What Keeps You Up At Night?…

What keeps you up at night?  What would you like to do, if there were no barriers?

Why aren’t you doing it?

I’ve asked this question of many people…and most can’t answer it.  Most refer back to “standard” answers like:

  • I couldn’t risk doing that right now…I’ve got to pay the bills.  (what if you could do what you wanted, AND pay the bills?)
  • Maybe I’ll pick that up as a hobby sometime.  (what?)
  • These are just pipe dreams.  I’ve got to keep my “real” job.  (J.O.B. = Just Over Broke)
  • And on…and on…

If it keeps you up at night, that’s your body’s way of telling you that is what you need to be doing.

So, when the pain finally exceeds the “pleasure” of keeping that standard job (which most people really don’t like)…then it’s time to live.

We each hold inside of us a “person” that wants to come out…and that person inside is ready to deliver to the world something extraordinary.

We’re waiting…


Have You Ever Had “That” Feeling?

Have you ever had that feeling that you wanted something better?

I’m having that feeling today.

I know there’s way more to life than I’ve achieved already (and I would say I can pretty much do what I want, where I want, with whom I want to).  There’s just something more…

Have you ever had that feeling?

If you have, what do you do when you get that feeling?  Do you take any action?  Do you do anything different?  Or…do you just take it all as some “spark” of inspiration, and move along “ho, hum” in your life.

I’m telling you not to ignore that spark.

When I get the “spark”, I take action on it.  I think very deeply about what that spark is trying to tell me, and make whatever changes necessary to live it.

Our brains are a gift people, don’t waste them on watching another episode of Law And Order Criminal Intent…instead, listen to your brain…and act on the feelings it provides you.

If You Don’t Live Your Life, Others Will Be Happy To Control It For You…

I love it when people say things like:

“Oh, I’m soooo busy right now with ‘stuff’/’this thing I’ve gotta do’/etc…”

“I would like to do ______ , but I’ve gotta attend/do _________ “

And on, and on…

What.  The. Fuck?

Are you serious?

Hey folks, if you don’t control your time (read: live life the way YOU want to, on YOUR terms)…then other people will be happy to control your life / time / activities for you…if you let them.

Notice the common theme here?

If you complain about “not having the time” to do anything it is you want to do, then you probably allowed this to happen in some form (letting someone else control it for you).

Unbelievable.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t.  No one said you HAD to do certain things, attend certain events, be a “team player” etc…

In every case, it was YOU who decided to let those things happen…period.

A parting thought for this rant…

Is it your life or “theirs?”

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