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Isn’t It Time You Shipped?

My neighbor hates his job.

He struggles to go to work each day, worrying about what his boss thinks…getting pages every day while he is at home…all from a 9 to 5 that pretty much runs his life in his mind.

But yet he still goes…

He has this talent for writing absolutely stunning short stories and essays.  He has a talent for speaking in front of groups of people at his hated job.

Yet still hasn’t shipped any of that to the world however.

He’s 49.

I’ve asked him, “Why do you go to a job you hate, working with people you hate, earning a wage you hate?”

He replies “Because I have a secure income, and in this economy…”

I stopped him from finishing that statement.

I get sick to my stomach every time I hear it from someone in his position (and boy are there a lot of people in his position).

So I asked him, “Don’t you think it’s more of a risk going to a job you hate when you consider the risk to your health, the stress, the impact on your family, and such?”

(because I’ve been in the same position myself)

Then I asked… “And… how bad could it really get if you tried to use your gift of writing and speaking to form a work-at-home business…even if it took several more months at night when you get off of work to start the business?”

He couldn’t answer that question…but he is thinking about it.

Isn’t it time you shipped your gift to the world?

We’re waiting. 🙂


Life Is Way Too Short

If you’re sitting around, waiting for life to hand you your “break”…get off your butt and go make your break.

Life is way too short.

If you think you have something to offer the world, but you’re wondering when “the perfect time is” to share it with the world…quit waiting, that time never comes.  And the world is waiting…

Life is way too short.

Anything can happen, cutting your dreams short and leaving you wondering “what if?”, so don’t let that happen.

Life is way too short.

Do you remember the last time you actually stopped and had a meaningful conversation with someone (lasting say, longer than 4 hours?)?

Life is way too short to wait.

Do you ever wonder how meaningful a “status update” is to another person on Facebook, Twitter, whatever?  Who is on your “A-list” of people that actually get to talk to you anymore?

Life is too short.

Do you want your legacy to be “I cleaned the house really good”, or something truly meaningful that you’re perfectly capable of delivering to the world?

We’re waiting for it…life is way to short to worry about anything less. 🙂

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