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Herd Immunity and Vaccine Questions…

One of the main reasons that has been suggested to get an immunization (vaccine) for a disease like, say, influenza… is the resulting “herd immunity” will make sure the disease doesn’t spread as fast.

I’ve read that true herd immunity is based on natural immunity to a disease, not an artificial immunity like vaccines… because if a “herd” is naturally immune to a disease, then a virus couldn’t spread.

But this isn’t the case when you give an annual vaccination for influenza, because the vaccine wears off every year… so no one person builds true and natural immunity to the influenza (if anyone did, we wouldn’t need to get a shot every year, as we would have a long-lasting natural immunity).

So my important questions are these:

  • Are we really building any effective herd immunity from influenza by taking the vaccination?  If so, why aren’t deaths and hospitalizations being reduced in years when we had the highest percentage of vaccinated population?
  • Is the vaccine 100% effective (it isn’t)?  Because if it isn’t, how can we, in a short period of time each year we’re supposed to vaccinate, ever really achieve true herd immunity?
  • Why am I seeing reports of less people getting their shot, yet also not seeing the spread of the influenza at any faster rate, or with any more consequences (annual death rate increasing etc…)?
  • Are we going to move science beyond vaccinations as a solution at some point?  It’s a pretty outdated concept and treatment.
  • With new (or different) strains of the influenza being discovered and circulating each year… why should anyone take the chance (and waste their money) on any vaccine that may NEVER be effective?
  • Forget mercury, what other chemicals are in the current vaccines?  (as in, the ones actually being sold RIGHT NOW)
  • Are those chemicals, in ANY amount, something we should be putting inside our bodies?  Show me unbiased science (not supported by drug companies) that it is.
  • Forget the “autism debate” for now, if these vaccines were so good for us, why aren’t the drug companies liable in the free and open market for any human consequences that might result?

Man, for something that is supposedly SO good for us… there are sure a WHOLE bunch of questions that have no definitive answer.  And by the way, “just do it” or “trust us, it’s good for you” are NOT satisfactory answers. 

Prove your case.  Openly and publicly publish the unbiased science that shows the answers.  This science should have NO influence from the drug companies, NO influence from anyone who has been paid by a drug company in the past… it needs to be unbiased.



The H1N1 (Flu) Shot Is Back

begin sarcasm/

Oh thank God…the flu shot is back on the airwaves.

Walgreen’s is running a pressure-packed TV spot about getting your flu shot this year, of course advertising that they offer it, and you should get it (to keep everyone safe).

Man, I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t a major corporation spending major ad dollars (in a recession) to tell me/pressure me into getting the flu shot.

I mean, since it’s so important, I’m glad Walgreen’s is airing that commercial to make sure everyone across the U.S. is pressured/informed about the fact that it’s time to get jabbed.

/end sarcasm

If this shot was so effective (it isn’t IMO), and the world was going to end if we don’t get it (as the companies pushing it make it seem), why does it have to be advertised and “pushed” so heavily to get people to take it?

If it’s so good for you, why don’t the drug companies put it on the market, and take full liability for any lawsuits that may arise.  Why do they have to pressure people into getting a shot?  In the past, good things are widely accepted, and consumed by the general public…and this flu shot isn’t.  Why not?

Think about this today, and obviously I’m not a doctor, I’m just thinking out loud in this post… so don’t take any of this as medical advice, draw your own conclusions and do your own research…to make your own decisions about your medical situation.

The Stuff We May Not Want To Hear

It’s a nice thought to believe we live on top of this big, fluffy marshmallow called life.  It’s nice to believe the government is there to protect us, and guide our countries through any perils that may come along.  It’s nice to believe that there are trustworthy people in that government (and that U.S., corporations don’t have a measure of greed involved in their decisions).

It’s nice to believe all that.

Here’s the stuff we may NOT want to hear, but if we don’t act on as a country (U.S.) and world community, we might head in the wrong direction (all my opinion only, I’m not a lawyer, financial advisor or a health professional, seek professional guidance at your discretion)…

  • We need to quit listening to mainstream media so much. This antiquated system of relaying “spun” information has way too much influence in the U.S. and worldwide.  Plus, negative news is what increases ratings, so that should tell you what they focus on.
  • Vaccines are a band-aid, they are NOT the solution. Our medical community needs to work on eradicating viruses, not just providing a temporary solution that entitles the drug companies to profits year after year.

The real disturbing trend unfolding with vaccines is that for the most part “mass-vaccination” has been proven ineffective, yet we continue to use and rely on that ancient methodology.  We continue to hear reports of “superbugs”, yet we continue to rely on this “cure” for disease.  Folks, we need  a different answer, vaccines aren’t it…period.

  • Small business owners need to step up, not step out. The news keeps spewing venomous poison that the “recession” is in control, unemployment is at an all-time high, blah, blah, blah…

Folks, if you’re a business owner, you need to step it up…not cower in fear of this recession. Big companies are not flexible enough to adapt, they just put their proverbial tails between their legs and “ride it out”…but they have the resources to do so.

Small businesses don’t have these resources. So don’t act like a big business…act like a small business, and adapt…starting now.  Quit listening to the news, and instead focus on ways to improve your situation by using the Internet to market, improving your marketing, reaching a different target audience, creating another product etc…

This world economy is counting on you, the small business owner (that group also includes me, but my businesses have grown over 20% in comparable sales per year, almost every year I’ve operated, so I know it’s possible for you too).

  • Self-accountability needs to increase, and the stupid litigation needs to decrease by a LARGE margin. Man this is a hot button for me, I’m sick and tired of people blaming other circumstances and people for their own shortcomings.

From a cup of coffee that was hot (go figure) and winning a lawsuit because that coffee spilled in her lap, to blaming the economy for losses to your income instead of YOU going out and doing something about it…we have a BIG problem in society here.

Along with this lack of self-accountability comes the sense of “entitlement” that we are owed some form of lifestyle just for being here (especially here in the U.S., which makes me both ashamed and want to vomit in my mouth).  We are NOT owed any particular kind of lifestyle just because we are alive.

Get off government “feeding bottle” programs as fast as you can, get training, get a better job, hell…I’ll just say it…make a better life for yourself, don’t expect it to be handed to you (it never will be).

The gluttony and “pork-fat” in the society we live in is disgusting people, let’s work together and make it lean meat. 🙂

Joe out…

Flu Shots? Already?

Really.  Flu shots are being put together again already?

But thank heavens, the H1N1 panic-demic virus isn’t one of the flu strains going around. Whew!

(sarcasm dripping from the keyboard)

Just take care of yourself everyone.

NIH Has Found Some Good News About H1N1


We may already have some protection against this.  Please share that article with others you feel would benefit.

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