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An Open Challenge To Vaccine Manufacturers And Drug Companies That Produce Them

Ok, if vaccines in general are supposed to be so good for us…why not remove that barrier to liability and litigation we have in place in the U.S. (you know which one I’m speaking of) and accept FULL liability for whatever you put into our bodies?

I mean FULL liability and accountability if something you make hurts any member of our human race and can be proven so in a court of law.

Then, with full accountability on your end in place, will the end product be the same?



Vaccines Do Not “Make” You Healthy…

A four-year old girl actually asked a thoughtful question about vaccines:

“Why I got to get shots to make me healthy?”

And therein lies a very powerful question … answered in this article written by Dr. Joe Mercola on Mercola.com today… Click here to read the article.

The effectiveness of herd immunization has been disputed many times, and many of the other reason “to get vaccinated” are beginning to get laid by the wayside because people are thinking for themselves in large numbers.  Couple this with the fact that NO vaccine is 100% effective (in most cases, not even close)…and you have a case to at least make a choice one way or the other.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you what to do when it comes to YOUR body…and don’t let ANYONE guilt you into “joining the crowd” whether you choose to vaccinate yourself and your family or not.

It’s YOUR choice…period…end of story.  Protect that choice.

What Is Our Country Coming To?

I love this country, make no mistake about it.

But, there is a disturbing trend silently moving about that bothers me.

Here’s one example, where Hawaii had to pass a resolution just to stop forced vaccinations within it’s borders.

Why does it even have to come to that?

Do we really have freedom of choice anymore?  Or, are governing bodies starting to choose for us?

(even worse, are there people that want the gov to choose for us?)

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist…at all actually.  I do like to examine all sides of an issue and be informed though.

Looks like it’s time to step the process of being informed up to the next level.

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