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You ALWAYS Have A Choice…

It almost never fails…every night on the news, there’s at least one person blaming “life” or a set of circumstances, or even another person…for their failure.

We always have a choice…

…even when things happen to us (i.e. life circumstances), we have a choice as to how we react (thought I would get that one out of the way)…

…when the phone rings, believe it or not we have a choice as to whether we answer it or not…

…we can choose to take action and make our lives better, or simply “ride the government gravy train” as far as it won’t take you (think about that for a second)…

…you can choose to be more, do more, and add value to people’s lives, or choose to be one of the people who “needs help all the time”…

…you can choose to set the rules for yourself, or let others set the rules for you to play by…

Bottom line, there’s always a choice.

Yes, it might seem harder to choose a “different” path at first, because you’ve never traveled that path before (most don’t ever travel it)…but as you travel down the path to a better life, you’ll find that you don’t want to trade it for anything else.  Period.

So what are you going to choose to do differently right now?


We Have To Learn How To Slow Down

“I can’t sit in one place for more than a little bit.”

“I’ve got to do this thing (whatever that thing is)”

“I’m way too busy today”


Since there is one person who decides how to use your time (that’s you)…all of the above is complete, steaming, B…frickin’….S.

Why can’t you sit in one place very long?  Why do you HAVE to do that thing (whatever that thing is)?  Why are you too busy today?

Only one reason, because of you.

You can choose to sit in one place and relax, as much as you want to.  You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to (that’s a hard one for most people). And the only reason you’re “too busy” today is you took on way too many commitments for today.

You are in control of all of it.  But only if you decide to be in control of it.

Most people don’t ever decide to be in control of it, or find it easier to just let other people control their lives.

Those people miss out on a LOT that life has to offer…period.

What are you going to do differently to slow your life down today?

You Have To CHOOSE To Make Your Life Better…It Won’t Be Done For You…

Come on people…really?

Do you really think you can get to a “good life” for yourself by letting any bigger “agencies”, circumstances, the lottery, or other environmental issues be in control?

Nope. It doesn’t work that way.  Never will, no matter how much you “hope” that will happen.  No one “owes” you anything for free, and no one is going to provide you a “break” in life until you’ve earned it…period.

The above-listed items are only there to provide a “minimum” standard of life, period, end of story.

If you want something more, you’ve got to create it.  You’ve got to work hard and make it happen…or it won’t happen…period. It’s on you to create the life you desire, and the results will reflect how well you are creating that life…period…no one else is to blame for the life you have, except you.  That’s the bottom line.

Oh and one more thing (and the inspiration for this post)…if you spend time on the Internet writing foul insults about successful people without conclusive and direct evidence to back up your claims…shame on you.  Just because you don’t enjoy a successful lifestyle, don’t rip down the life of someone else who is successful based on only opinion or conjecture.  There are scammers out there, no doubt, but they actually comprise of less than 5% of all business owners out there…so if you’re placing the permanent record on the Internet before proving it…please don’t.

There’s a good chance (a 95% chance) that the person you’re ripping has part of their life ruined by what you’re saying without just cause, also that record stays on the Internet forever, so please…at least do the decent thing and think about that before placing a permanent record online.

Instead, go create something, add value to someone else’s life, or start a business to deliver value to a community.  We look forward to your offering. 🙂  Oh yeah, your pocketbook will thank you too.

Are You Living Life Like A Ghost?

Some people are friggin’ drones.

That’s right, I said it…drones.

And I don’t understand why anyone with half a mind would want to trudge along doing something or living life any less than what they want to.  But before you light off your email program to rip me a new one, know that I was a drone too once.

Going to the “9 to 5″…one that I hated…

Eating when “they” told me to…

Choking back the vomit of the “life” that they were providing for me and my family…

All because I was “supposed” to do it this way.  Well guess what rat race, I frickin’ won! 🙂  Joseph Ratliff 1  Corporate Grind 0 … game over.

So why do you live the life “you’re supposed to” ?

You go to school, an ancient institution that if it were a building, would be crumbling at every seam.  You go to college, what, so you can get a “good job” like “they” want you to?

Then you get that “good job”, and show up when “they” say…eat when they say…do whatever they say…all for one lousy income that’s worth far less than the life they are draining from you.

But the worst part is…

You keep fucking doing it!


Do you think “they” would think any less about your livelihood when the shit hits the fan?  Nope…”sorry John, but we’re needing to make some cuts, and it’s your turn to go.”  They hand you a pink slip, and out the door you go.

Come back to that same workplace a year later, and see if they care, even one bit.

So, what have you really wanted to do with your life?

(and it ISN’T what you’re doing currently, or you wouldn’t be reading this)

Think about that today.  Quit choking back the vomit of the life you’re “supposed” to have, and get out there to create the life you really want to have.

Click here for a place to start…

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