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The Internet Is 24-7 But Does Society Have To Be?

The Internet is always on.

The mobile networks are always on.

But does society have to be “always on”?

No…it doesn’t.

I mean fuck people, there are people walking around texting while walking across streets, can’t they just walk?  Can’t they just have a regular conversation with their friends (who they ignore while they text)?

I can’t even try to count the number of people I’m seeing who seem to have to be “doing something” all the time.  And I don’t mean enjoying life.

I mean working 40 hours or more a week (we’re about the only country in the world that still does)…I mean always “working on the house”…always texting, emailing, blogging, what…the…fuck…ever.

They just keep going, and going, and going.


It’s frustrating to see people just let their lives run on a bad form of autopilot.  It fritters away…then one day they wonder where their life went.

Is this you?

Stop it.  Today.


Life Is Way Too Short

If you’re sitting around, waiting for life to hand you your “break”…get off your butt and go make your break.

Life is way too short.

If you think you have something to offer the world, but you’re wondering when “the perfect time is” to share it with the world…quit waiting, that time never comes.  And the world is waiting…

Life is way too short.

Anything can happen, cutting your dreams short and leaving you wondering “what if?”, so don’t let that happen.

Life is way too short.

Do you remember the last time you actually stopped and had a meaningful conversation with someone (lasting say, longer than 4 hours?)?

Life is way too short to wait.

Do you ever wonder how meaningful a “status update” is to another person on Facebook, Twitter, whatever?  Who is on your “A-list” of people that actually get to talk to you anymore?

Life is too short.

Do you want your legacy to be “I cleaned the house really good”, or something truly meaningful that you’re perfectly capable of delivering to the world?

We’re waiting for it…life is way to short to worry about anything less. 🙂

Is “Stuff” A Big Scam?

Are we really consumers?  Should we be?


At the core, are we really minimalists who’ve been duped?

I know, I know, sounds strange huh?

Well, after reading a blog post this morning, I started to think…is having all the “stuff” I have really a valuable thing?  Do I really need all this stuff?

I don’t really think I do need 1/2 the stuff I have…honestly haven’t touched it.  And no, I’m not a pack rat, I have the average amount of stuff most people seem to have.

So, with this in mind…is “having stuff” just a big scam designed to support shipping industries and retail stores?  Or, is there some sort of hidden value to this stuff I’m not thinking of…?

I’m going to think about this today (you too?).  Perhaps it’s time for a change.

You MUST Enjoy Every Moment In Life…

On Sunday, my mother-in-law went to the hospital for a simple, routine operation…

It didn’t end up as simple as originally thought.

As of now, it might be awhile before she recovers, and can leave the hospital. In fact, we’re on pins and needles every day because of what happened.

Kinda puts life in perspective, doesn’t it? What is really important comes to the forefront when this is happening.

You MUST enjoy every moment in life.  Don’t settle for anything…period.

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