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What Are The Drug Companies Doing To Us?

If you’re not asking yourself and your family this question… you need to.

But more importantly, you need to do something with the answer.

Folks, the drug companies are NOT in the business of “helping you”, they are in the business of making profit for their shareholders… period.

That’s why they are in business.

Our children depend on your study and action on the answer to the question.


Go Ahead And Take This Drug, But We’re Not Liable For It

It’s easy for a doctor to recommend a particular drug to you isn’t it?

“Go ahead and take this twice a day for 10 days…then you should be better.”

(we’re not even going to talk about the fact they charge you whether or not they help you)

But what happens when you have an adverse reaction to a particular drug?  You get pissed at the doctor, and yes, they can be influenced by drug companies and their information, accurate or not.

What about the drug company itself?

It’s easy for them to make and sell drugs for obscene profits, but with little liability…who’s to say what they’re selling has any reliability behind it?

Evidence that this reliability has gone by the wayside lies in the news media reporting many more lawsuits, people dying, and having bad side effects.  So WTF drug companies?

When do you, as a drug company, take liability for what you’re selling?

If what you’re selling works so well, why can’t you stand behind it?  Why aren’t you doing more than just “warning” people about the possible bad affects on our lives?  Warnings which, come from a government institution that can’t do the job it needs to be able to do (shut the drug companies down).

Drug companies, this is an open challenge to be the first ones to accept full, 100% responsibility for the crap you’re forcing down our throats.

Are you up to the challenge? Or do you sleep well at night knowing that even one person could die (not just get sick, die) from what you’re producing.

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