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The Phone Rings…And You’re Probably Getting It

I’ll bet that if the phone rings while you’re reading this, you’ll run from here to that phone (or pick it up) and answer it, no matter what.

Ring ring!

But why?  Isn’t that what answering machines and voice mail are for?

Imagine if you were the one in control of your time, and didn’t have to run across your big house to get it…just to hear one of those annoying telemarketers on the other end.

I know there’s a such thing as caller-ID, but why run across your house to look?  Why not finish whatever it is that you’re doing…THEN answer the message you get on your machine or voice mail?

And before I hear a “But it’s rude not to answer the phone when it rings” or any thought that even comes close to resembling that…it isn’t.

So, I challenge you to turn your ringer off, and check voice mail (or your machine) when YOU want to…not because that ringing sound made you.

At first, it will be challenging, you think that there “could be an important call you’re missing.”

But I’m not asking you to NEVER answer your phone, just not on it’s command…instead on yours.  Even if the call is important, NOTHING is important enough to keep you running back and forth every time the phone rings.  (you’ll actually discover that 95 out of every 100 calls or so aren’t really that important at all)


The feeling of liberation you’ll feel  when you’re back in control of this part of your life will astound you.

So get to it…regain some control of your life.


The Rushed Society Manifesto

And so it begins…

More on the concept behind how society seems to be degrading later…but we have the beginnings already.

We can talk while we surf the net (at the same time), we text while we drive an automobile, and in the worst possible display of a degrading society…there are actually teenagers (and adults too) texting each other, while sitting next to each other in the Mall.

What. The. Fuck?

That’s right, it seems we need to text each other while occupying space less than 4 feet away from each other.  Is it just me?  Or does that sound completely idiotic?

People standing 4 feet away from one another can’t have a conversation verbally with each other?  You’re kidding, right?


I suppose not.

As to the capability to “surf the ‘net” while talking on the phone (just saw a TV commercial about a phone advertising this)…

Why on earth do we need to keep finding ways to multi-task?

A bad trend is starting to unfold people, and whether you choose to believe me or not, it will come with its negative consequences down the road…guaranteed.  I’m going to expand on the ramifications of all of this “connected-ness” to life, society, and to personal connections as we go on…but for now, just know that we really don’t have to become so connected, that we’re disconnected.

Another way of expressing this is:

If we fill our time up with “busy stuff”, either by choice or not, when does personal connections and time with people really have priority?

Sure, it’s easy to say that you do have personal connections and “family time”…but if you’re honest with yourself (for real), I think you’ll find that you don’t have as much of the truly important time as you think. 😉

Gadgets and connectivity are nice, so long as your personal conversations don’t suffer at all (the face-to-face ones, remember those?).

I would even go so far as saying if your personal, face-to-face conversations suffer, that’s the upper-threshold of how “cool” gadgets really are.

Think about this today.

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