Paul Feyerabend’s defense of astrology, part II

by Joseph Ratliff

This is excellent. It seems like, overall, Feyerabend was defending the exploration of ideas against scientific dogmatism. He was simply using astrology and this Manifesto to illustrate that point … to the irritation of the scientists that signed.

But Professor Pigliucci explains this much more eloquently. Thank you sir.

Footnotes to Plato

AstrologyWe have began looking at the famous (or infamous, depending on who’s talking) episode of philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend’s “defense” of astrology, in response to an anti-astrology manifesto put forth by skeptic Paul Kurtz and co-signed by 186 scientists, back in 1975. This episode is the occasion for a recent paper by Ian Kidd, to which I have been invited to write a response by the journal Social Epistemology.

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