by Joseph Ratliff

Another in a series of Delta “fails” I’ve heard from traveling regulars. Sad really, in an industry such as airlines… you’d think more airlines would want to focus on service.


Went to Detroit this week. It’s a lot nicer there (at least in the burbs where I was) than I thought it would be.

I flew Delta because it was the only nonstop flight option from Seattle. I bought a first class ticket, just like the last time I flew Delta.

A lot of you know my feelings on Delta, if not you can read them right here.

It’s my absolute last choice when flying. I can’t think of another business where everyone is so damned surly all the time, practically snarling at you from the first interaction at checkin all the way until you land.

I was joking with someone earlier this week about just how bad it was, saying my interactions with flight attendants basically came down to “hey asshole, you want any food?” An exaggeration, obviously. But it really does feel that way on Delta most…

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