by Joseph Ratliff

The angry mob that shut down LendInk needs to read this post… word for word… and then go read their contracts with Amazon or whomever else they signed with… THAT contract is what dictates whether or not a book can be lent.

The eBook Test

No one can.


I thought the Authors Guild were a pack of eejits. It turns out some of my fellow unaffiliated writers are too.

There is a shitstorm still flying over writers learning that — gasp! — more than one person can read an eBook. OMFGZ!!!!111one1

From the New York Times yesterday:

Shayna Englin, a political consultant in Washington who purchased a Kindle this year, also says she reads more than ever: a book a week, about three times her old pace.

But she has actually never paid for an e-book. Exploiting a loophole in Amazon’s system, Ms. Englin has linked her Kindle to the Amazon account of some nearby friends, allowing all of them to read books like “The Lost Symbol” at the same time — while paying for them only once.

This is news only to those who have no idea … well, about anything, it seems.

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