Is America A Free Country Anymore?

by Joseph Ratliff

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my country.

But… I’m starting to wonder if it’s a FREE country, meaning the kind of freedom our forefathers intended.

We are going to have a “forced” health insurance, so that isn’t freedom by any definition (true freedom being defined as choice WITHOUT penalty, monetary or otherwise).  We’re already forced to go through invasive body scanning at airports to travel within our “free country.”

We keep developing “restrictions” and new taxes in the name of our country… which strangles the very businesses we are supposed to be supporting.

Our education system is broken beyond repair… but we aren’t being open minded enough to scratch it and start over, which is the ONLY way we will truly fix it.

We keep developing more laws in the interest of “security”… and contrary to popular belief you cannot have true personal freedom and security (National security or otherwise) in the same environment.

We go to war for seemingly made up reasons… which attacks our freedoms, because we always have to be “ready”… and it attacks our wallets because prices for various commodities go up during “war time.”  As much as I respect our soldiers who give their lives for our country… I’m having a hard time seeing where they are overseas for any real purpose (we have them over “there” for no real reason IMO).

So, are we really a free country anymore? 

If we are, then the Government needs to prove it to me again… restoring my faith that we DO in fact live in the country our forefathers intended… NOT a country run by lobbyists and huge corporate interests.