by Joseph Ratliff

This is a BIG reason why patent trolling shouldn’t be allowed… if you secure a patent, there should be a REAL business supporting the reason you got that patent…period.


Big data has become the latest front for the patent troll epidemic as a shell company is suing firms for using a common open-source storage framework known as the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

In complaints filed this week, a Delaware-based shell called Parallel Iron claims Facebook (s FB) and LinkedIn (s LNKD) violated its patents by using HDFS. Parallel Iron has already filed suits against Amazon (s amzn), Oracle (s orcl) and other firms for using the HDFS technology that lets users store huge quantities of data on clusters of commodity servers.

Hadoop has been built by a large network of contributors, including individual developers and large companies like Yahoo (s yhoo) and is an Apache Software Foundation project. HDFS, its storage component, was based on Google’s (s goog) Google File System. Parallel Iron’s patent complaints, however, say the whole system was made possible by four men:

In this…

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