College Isn’t The Opportunity It Used To Be

by Joseph Ratliff

Back in the days when information was not a commodity, college had a distinct value.

You had to go to college to get the knowledge necessary to succeed in the workplace.  The old adage, “go to college and get a good job” rang true.

College didn’t put you in the poorhouse back then either.

Now, if you go to college (without coming from a rich back ground)… you bury yourself in a mound of debt… and quite frankly, end up getting a job that won’t even come close to helping you pay that debt off so you can actually live the life promised by college.

Pretty sad state of affairs in my opinion.

Plus, you can educate yourself on most any topic and with a little ambition… either get a good paying job, or start a business and create jobs… stimulating the economy instead of burying more people in debt.

This country needs to change its thinking… debt isn’t the key… prosperity for your citizens is.