“Business As Usual” Doesn’t Work Anymore (Listen Up Old-Fashioned People)

by Joseph Ratliff

If you’re old-fashioned… wanting to travel back to a time where teenagers “fell in line” and went outside to play, then returned to working out in the fields… I’ve got bad news for you.

That doesn’t work anymore.

If you’re old-fashioned, wanting to remember a time when these “con-fangled” computers didn’t exist and people used to talk face-to-face… guess what?  Those days are very slowly coming to an end, barring some massive shift.

Business as usual doesn’t work any more.  If you’re old-fashioned, and too stubborn to keep up with the times… get ready to get left in the dust.

In a few years we might not have a Postal system, so what are you going to do when that happens?  This won’t affect most of us, because we pay our bills online, we use our mobile phones, we use the Internet etc…

Are you just going to keep being stubborn?  Are you just going to keep whining about “how things were”?  Or, are you going to quit making excuses… and just learn the basics of the Internet?

The choice is yours… but business as usual doesn’t work anymore.