by Joseph Ratliff

This book is one of those undiscovered “gems”… I wouldn’t have found it had my library not carried it. Where do you find more gems like The Plenitude? At your library šŸ™‚

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Rich Gold ā€œauthoredā€ The Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff in 2007, four years after his premature death. Rich created things for organizations that included Xerox PARC, Mattel, and Sega. The book was drawn together by his colleague John Maeda and his wife Marina LaPalma from extensive notes, drawings, and other materials created by Rich. ā€œThe Plenitudeā€ refers to the stuff in the world created by peopleā€”an early example from the book exemplifies its scope and complexity through the thousands of things in a kitchen, from utensils, to appliances to manufactured food items. The book discusses four disciplines that ā€œhave created about 95 percent of the Plenitudeā€, seven patterns of innovation common to the disciplines, and a great many examples that probe the nature, morality, consequences, and future of the Plenitude.

I first read The Plenitude in 2009, when I was looking for books to use as a common bookā€¦

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