Are Vaccines Our Only Answer?

by Joseph Ratliff

Vaccines, no matter what type… are NOT making you healthier, they are a shot.  They represent “bargain basement” medicine, made cheap so people can afford them.

No, I’m NOT anti-vaccine… I just think we need to focus our limited resources on better ideas besides a vaccine for everything.  Oh and by the way, they are NOT 100% effective in ANY form… so I wonder how much money people are wasting on them?

And… the “herd immunity” argument has been discredited many ways.  You may wish to do your own research before believing this very loose argument hook, line, and sinker.  It boils down to the fact that herd immunity works when NATURAL immunization is allowed to happen, not forced immunization (like vaccines)… which by the way does bypass our natural means of defending our bodies against germs.

Now, if this were perfected science, and didn’t result in serious consequences (even rare)… I wouldn’t even be worried about it.

But it isn’t perfected science (the very labels on the very vaccines we take say this), so you should do your own research and make your own choices before taking what the media says about vaccines at face value.

There just has to be a better answer people… I can’t believe we don’t have one.