Snake Oil?

by Joseph Ratliff

I have to ask a few questions (which I’ve already formed opinions on)…

If vaccines were so effective, and SO good for us… why do they get marketed via fear based tactics?  Why don’t the vaccine manufacturers have the balls to put them on the open market, and accept ALL liability for their results (good or bad)?

Why on earth is Monsanto allowed to conduct business?  If their product is SOOOO good for us to consume, why can’t we put the GMO label on it?  Why are they lobbying so hard to avoid putting that label on their product?  If it was so good, it could be a useful marketing device instead.

When on earth does the economy quit being the excuse for failure?  What if financial companies and the news media are spinning and hyping it to create some sort of change?  Why do we even listen to the news anymore?  Do we really need more negative bullshit swimming in our heads to talk about?

Seems like a bunch of snake oil to me.