The U.S. Food System Could Be Killing You?

by Joseph Ratliff

That’s it…I’ve had it.

After a long bout with digestive system issues and a horrible bout with the Norwalk virus this year…I’m tired of it.

I did some research (and in the process of doing a bunch more) on our food system and supply here in the U.S.

To describe what I’ve found in great detail makes my stomach turn.

So I’ll give you a starting point, not to “shift” your opinion, or get the support of your opinion…but rather to share my opinion.

Make your own decisions, but I can tell you that by avoiding aspartame, increasing my intake of vitamin D3 (get tested before even thinking about it, contact your medical professionals first), and researching GMO (genetically modified organisms in food)…I’ve come to some rather disturbing conclusions.

Add these to the chemicals our food supply is being tainted with, and the diseases these chemicals cause (proven in some cases)…it’s no wonder why at 37…my digestive system isn’t what it used to be (and at one point started to go downhill fast).

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions…but even though I’ve only referenced one website to start your own research…be advised I’ve done a BUNCH more that verifies the conclusions in my own mind.  Please at least look into it.

And, share this article with others if you would like.  There needs to be a “food supply revolution” of some type…because what the food companies are doing to us is completely and utterly WRONG in the name of profits.