The Silver Lining In A Debt Downgrade For The US?

by Joseph Ratliff

By now you’ve probably heard that it’s possible we could get a reduction in credit rating  (from AAA to AA) if the Gov doesn’t figure out how to “raise the debt ceiling” or whatever.

I’m not financial expert at all…but this sounds to me like it has a silver lining.

There’s no secret the banking system has control of our country (the government really doesn’t).  Everything that can be affected by this downgrade in credit rating has its roots in that banking system (Federal Reserve isn’t a government institution).

So…quit stressing about it, let it go down.  Yes, I have money involved in this too…but can we really do anything about it when the financial system this all depends on prints money for almost no reason?

Eventually…this system will probably crash.

But again…I’m not a financial guy either. 🙂