by Joseph Ratliff

We assume a lot of things in general as humans.

Not everything in life is easily explained, so assumptions really do boil down to what the word “assume” means in most cases:

“making an ass out of u and me.”

Here are some very common (way too common) assumptions that I’ve noticed over the years…and while not all of them apply to everyone…I think most of us have made one or two of these once in awhile:

  • Your too short to play basketball.
  • You should go and get a real job.
  • Job security still exists.
  • Your business isn’t making any money, you need to get a job.
  • There’s no way she’ll make it, she doesn’t look like a model.
  • She doesn’t look like a singer, so she can’t sing.
  • She needs makeup.
  • She wears too much makeup.
  • They’re not coming to our house, they must not like us.

And on…and on…

Do you read the “tone” with these particular assumptions?