The Freedom Agent

by Joseph Ratliff

The Freedom Agent
Mark Joyner Construct One
(version 1.0)


Man can not fulfill his full potential while he is Fixated on his daily struggle to survive. When one is no longer Fixated on this struggle, he is free to pursue other endeavors. A Freedom Agent is one who is free from these bonds and is actively engaging in Unifying Social Dynamics.


Imagine a world where there is no longer a daily struggle to survive, but instead a daily exploration of what is possible.

At the very least, imagine this on a smaller scale … you. What if you no longer had to wake up each morning and work in order to survive?

Such a state is possible not only for select individuals but for us as all as a species. This can, and should, be our birthright.

Not only is this possible, but it may very well be necessary for our long term survival as a species.

What I am proposing is not a form of communism or even socialism, but an efficient state of technological and organizational advancement that positions mankind for rapid growth and advancement.

Until this state is achieved globally (Universal Free Agency), select individuals will first have to achieve this state for themselves (methods are described below). It is vital that these individuals then enlist themselves in the work of attaining Universal Free Agency.


We have no idea how long our species can survive without the colonization of space, more efficient use of our resources, and other technologies that contribute to our long term survival. Without the concerted effort of our people on these advancements, will we make these discoveries in time to ensure our survival?

No one can know for sure, and therefore it is it the height of folly to distract the world from the urgency of pursuing these matters.

As we progress along the path toward Universal Free Agency more and more people will be working to attain it, and then we can achieve the maximum possible number of minds working on our ultimate survival issues.

Again, the world is tragically distracted from these issues now and it is the duty of every thinking person to wake up the rest of the world to their responsbility.

Universal Free Agency – The First Great Milestone of Unifying Social Dynamics

The first Great Milestone of Unifying Social Dynamics will be the achievement of Universal Free Agency for all mankind as a birthright.

Let this be contrasted at the outset from Communism or Socialism. Universal Free Agency does not presuppose a classless society, an equal distribution of wealth, or other such trappings of Communism.

Instead, Universal Free Agency refers to a state of technological development and global will where the basic necessities of life (food, water, shelter, medicine) are so easily provided for that their distribution is universal and free (or nearly free).

Economies would still exist, but the important distinction is that people would not be forced to participate in them in order to survive.

The distribution of water has almost achieved this state in most industrialized nations. The cost of water in the United States, for example, is so low as to be almost negligible. Note that providing water for (nearly) free is not considered a form of extreme socialism or communism … Why?

It is only because of our state of technological development.

Could we not develop technologies that make the other necessities of life so readily available?

Advances in robotics combined with hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and so on make the global free availability of food a near-future possibility as well, for example.

At our current rate of technological advancement, it is not technology that will be the barrier to achieving this state, but rather our will and our focus. Therefore, a concerted and deliberate global effort to achieve this is needed.

Of course, the politics surrounding this development in our history could take many faces, but that is not the purpose of this document. The purpose is to alert the people of the world of this potential and rally the globe around a common worthy goal.

The challenge at that point will be to sufficiently educate and motivate this arising Leisure Class to participate in Unifying Social Dynamics, but that will be the topic of another Construct …

Meanwhile, how can we as individuals help to accelerate the process of attaining Universal Free Agency?

The Rise of the Freedom Agent:

In order to achieve this goal, a global shift in focus and awareness is required.

Since relying on the governments of the world to make this shift for us is quite obviously a pipe dream (as they are caught in an endless Fixation-loop of fear and war), conscientious individuals and groups will need to take matters into their own hands.

If individuals are Fixated on their struggle to survive, they can not contribute to the attainment of Universal Free Agency to their full capacity.

How does an individual free himself from the bonds of survival struggle?

Is it even possible?

It is indeed if one focuses his efforts on the attainment of REAL Income Streams.

Freedom is defined by available REAL cash-flow. A REAL income stream has the following characteristics:


By this we mean that such an income stream will continue to pay without constant attention.

Most businesses do not meet this criteria because they require the constant attention of their owners in order to keep generating revenue. That kind of income stream is not liberating at all, but instead is an even greater struggle to survive.

Certain types of businesses (for example, information publishing) do not require much attention to maintain at all. Further almost any business can be developed to a point that it can function without the focused effort of its owner.

Of course, many types of cash investments can generate revenue without any effort on your part whatsoever. The only challenge is that it usually requires a rather significant investment for any type of cash investment to pay off enough money for you to survive.


If you are running a business where employees and customers are depending on you for critical support, it is impossible to close such a business without harming others. Therefore a business is not abandonable until it has been developed to such a state that it is running without your attention. Many businesses can be run with minimal attention, though.


A Leisure-Friendly Income Stream is one that, if it requires any effort at all, requires your attention only at times of your choosing. If the income stream can get you up out of bed in the middle of the night or requires your attention at set times of the day every day, it is not Leisure-Friendly.

Select types of cash investments and businesses meet these criteria.

Your goal should be to earn enough money from REAL Income Streams each month to survive.

How much is enough? This simple formula is a good guide.

1. Figure out how much it will cost you to support yourself (and your family if you are the head of your household) at your desired standard of living and to contribute to an appropriate retirement vehicle.

Let’s say it’s $5,000 per month.

2. Multiply this figure by two.

Multiplying by two allows you to have a significant cushion and will prevent most catastrophes.

That figure is your Flow Goal.

Once you attain your Flow Goal with REAL Income Streams, you are free.

If you then choose to focus your work energy on Unifying Social Dynamics … Congratulations! You’re a Freedom Agent.

A Measure of Advancement: Length of Compulsory Work Weeks

One measure of the advancement of a civilization is the shortness of its average compulsory work time per week. As a civilization becomes more efficient through the application of technology and organization, the number of hours required by its workers to expend in order to survive should decrease.

Varying factors can interfere with the path toward this form of advancement: national conflict, crisis, inefficient technology, corruption, mismanagement, and so on.

Here’s an example. When the Industrial Revolution began the average work week in industrialized nations declined as a result of this newer and more efficient technology, but then rose sharply as a result of profiteering by industrialists. Labor laws were then instituted that prevented this form of corruption. As you see, various factors affected the amount of compulsory work.

Even greater advances will be seen with future advances in automation, robotics, hydroponics, and such.

As I write this, we are seeing this happen now in many countries. However, if you live in such a country where this is happening, realize that this can be meaningless advancement if people are squandering their new found free time on counter-productive endeavors.

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This document is a Mark Joyner Construct.