Wannabe Safety “Smart Signs” In WA

by Joseph Ratliff

Here in Washington State we’ve implemented “smart signs” on our I-5 freeway.

More like dumb signs in my opinion.

When you approach these signs on our freeway, they supposedly account for traffic conditions (like wrecks, slowdowns, etc…) and dictate an ideal speed for each lane of the freeway to travel.

So, we need a sign, not just to tell us what the speed limit is…but to tell us how fast to go?  Come on…really?

It’s one of the biggest wastes of tax dollars I’ve seen in my lifetime.

And besides, I drove under one of these “miracle working” signs just the other day, and it informed me the “ideal” speed was 45 mph for my lane…and the other lane’s ideal speed being 40mph…

…guess what?…

Not 100 feet (not yards, not miles, feet) in front of the sign…traffic was stopped completely.

Great job with our tax dollars. 😦