Wall Street Versus Main Street

by Joseph Ratliff

We’re in the midst of a war folks.

Our tax dollars went to Wall Street, to “bail” them out.  They repay that gratitude by rubbing our faces in their 90 or so billion dollars in bonuses.

90…billion…dollars in bonuses people.

Write your Congress, write the White House…this is just plain wrong on all levels.

How is your pension (that you’re contributing to by the way)?  How are your bonuses?

Don’t get me wrong, we live in a capitalist society for sure, and companies should strive to make a profit…but not immorally, unethically, or illegally.  This is at least one of those three…isn’t it?

And granted, the wealthy do think about money differently, so they make more of it…and they are entitled to of course…but not immorally, unethically, or illegally.  Nor should they make their wealth at the expense of other’s generosity.

I’m not one with the answers here, but something has to be done as a society…all at once…a movement of some sort needs to start to end this madness once and for all.  And it needs to happen starting now.