Is “Stuff” A Big Scam?

by Joseph Ratliff

Are we really consumers?  Should we be?


At the core, are we really minimalists who’ve been duped?

I know, I know, sounds strange huh?

Well, after reading a blog post this morning, I started to think…is having all the “stuff” I have really a valuable thing?  Do I really need all this stuff?

I don’t really think I do need 1/2 the stuff I have…honestly haven’t touched it.  And no, I’m not a pack rat, I have the average amount of stuff most people seem to have.

So, with this in mind…is “having stuff” just a big scam designed to support shipping industries and retail stores?  Or, is there some sort of hidden value to this stuff I’m not thinking of…?

I’m going to think about this today (you too?).  Perhaps it’s time for a change.