Will The Internet Be Taken Away?

by Joseph Ratliff

There are a few things happening on the ‘net that you need to be aware of…and it concerns an Internet I think we’ve taken for granted.

It looks like some less-than ethical websites were just taken down by Homeland Security recently.  Unbelievable, no trial, no evidence, no indictment, no verdict…just taken down and left with a notice.

Network neutrality is being debated currently as well.  This is important as to who and at what price we get internet access (in a nutshell, the site linked to explains further).

So what right does the government have to intervene here?  Are there just a bunch of psychos running this country who can’t handle the fact we have a free and running Internet to communicate with and publish our thoughts?

Whatever happened to free speech? In fact, I have very much the same 5 questions that are in this article for the government.

Folks, this isn’t a joke, while not much is happening right this second, the fact that the government (namely ICE and Homeland Security) have the mindset to push us around like this in a “free” country…means I need only ask one question…

If they can do this…what else are they thinking of doing?

I mean, sure, these particular sites discussed in these articles are not ethical by any means…but as Grandpa always used to say…

“Give ’em an inch, and they’ll take you a mile.”

So what then…?  Does the government get to decide what constitutes a “bad” site and what is a good one?