This TSA Search Stuff Is Disturbing To Say The Least

by Joseph Ratliff

Oh for God’s sake.  Are you serious?

People are getting “felt up” by certain employees at TSA  (inside their pants) at airports for “security’s sake”?  Hell, even a women’s breasts are getting exposed in private rooms, to be allegedly laughed at by TSA employees?

Come on…where do we draw the line here?

This is NOT increasing security at the airport at all IMO…it’s a waste of time, energy, and our tax money.

Why is there not an increase in security from my point of view?  The TSA hasn’t caught one single terrorist (verified) in 9 years that I’m aware of (I could be wrong I suppose). Because of this, it almost seems to me we are no better off now then we were before the horrible incident (9/11/2001) that created the need for this increased security in the first place (or would increased this security have helped at all then I wonder?).

Disgusting situation IMO based off of what I read thus far.  We seemingly need a different answer for airport security.

Would you want your child or loved one subjected to this type of screening?

Here is some other info to at least consider for your opinion.  An no, I’m NOT a conspiracy guy at all…but I’m also not completely blind to what IS happening either.

Speak out to the appropriate people if you feel it’s necessary.