Old School Versus New School

by Joseph Ratliff

There’s no doubt, the Internet has opened up a world of opportunity for people.

But really, in the REALLY big picture, has most of the population been ready to take advantage of this change?

To me, no, for the most part people haven’t.  Especially those from the “old school” of thinking…

  • You go to school.
  • You go to college.
  • You go to work for a company for 50 years.
  • You collect a pension and enjoy retirement from 65-ish on.

Compare this, to the new way of thinking…

  • You go to school, but perhaps from home online.
  • You don’t necessarily go to college if you want to create a business using the Internet.  There is a new wave of people making much more than “median” income by creating simple businesses from home now.
  • Which means you don’t necessarily keep the same job for a long time (they really don’t care about you any how, never have, the Internet has made that apparent).
  • You enjoy “mini-retirements” along the way, why wait and “save it all up” for a retirement that most never save enough for to enjoy in the first place? (like 80-plus percent have to keep working just to maintain a basic standard of living)

So, are you “old school”, or “new school”?

These are just a FEW of that many points I will be covering in future posts.  Old school people had better listen up, or get left way behind (for real).